Magnetic Pet Care

Serenity2000 Pet products are constructed with premium strength ceramic magnets.  Your furry ones may not be able to tell you in words but you know when your pet needs magnetic therapy.  Our pet products are highly effective in keeping your pet comfortable and well adjusted. 

Canine magnetic therapy is seen as a non-invasive, natural, safe, and simple form of treatment for your furry one.  A method of treating various disorders with positive results without any side effects.  Magnets help increase blood flow to the area and speed up the healing process.  Canine magnetic therapy is often used to aid fracture healing and treatment of many ailments such as "Arthritis", "Hip Dysplasia", "Osteochondritis", "Epilepsy", "Pain Relief", "Chronic organ disorders".  Sprains, strains, and other traumatic injuries may also benefit from magnetic therapy.

Magnets should not be used in acute infectious conditions, on cancerous growths, in pregnant dogs, or in dogs with cardiac pacemakers.